Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts, if anyone is reading!! I have been in a picture taking and blogging funk...but I am back! We have been busy...I had a lovely Mother's Day, another 30-something birthday, the boys started ISR swim lessons, and today is the last day of MDO.  So I guess with MDO ending for the year, life just got busier!!!
I do not have one picture to document Mother's Day or my birthday :-(
But I do have these precious shots I received in the mail yesterday from MckMama.
We paid for 30 pictures, and got 67...thanks so much for the extras!!  I love a good deal!
Did I mention I got breakfast in bed and cards from my boys on Mother's day...so sweet.
ISR swim lessons are going really well, yesterday the boys didnt cry. If you havent heard of ISR (Infant Swim Resource), you should google it. It is life saving...expensive, time consuming...but life saving.
I had a great birthday, 32. I feel like I turned 30 yesterday. Life with children speeds up time.
I have lots of recipes to post. I have been a cooking machine and the photos are just adding up in my pictures file.
As I mentioned, today is the last day of MDO until August. I am a little anxious about not having any breaks, but we will be super busy and on the go. And potty training is coming very shortly. I have been waiting for MDO to end.
I am equally anxious about potty training, and transitioning to 'big boy' beds. But it will happen, and I will survive. Hey, I thought removing binky would be the end of the world, but neither P or K asked for binky after day three...so I have hope for our next two events!!
So that's about it. We are enjoying the weather, playing on the playground, learning new things everyday, and just enjoying this precious sweet time.
I promise to be back sooner rather than later!!


Machelle said...

GAH! You have such cuties!

CJ said...

I love the yellow polos! :) I'm reading!! Do you still read mine? I've been distant also! LOL!