Monday, September 6, 2010

Chairs and a Cotton Gin

Last weekend we had beautiful weather so Aaron and I decided to head to our local flea market. I have been looking for refurbished chairs for our new dining room table. Well, luck fell in our laps when we found a husband/wife duo that buy, rebuilds, and repaints old chairs. Only one problem, by the time we found them all of his chairs were GONE! He told us we could drive out to his shop, so off we went this Saturday. Two hours from Nashville we arrived, to not even a blip on the screen town of Hollow Rock. I was a bit nervous when we pulled up, this is what I found!!

But when I walked into this old cotton gin I hit the jackpot on old chairs, repainted in beautiful colors! We purchased two arm-chairs in one style/color and four in another style/color for our dining room. We are picking them up on Wednesday. But Aaron and I fell in love with this one chair, I keep moving it all over the house looking for the perfect spot!

While I waited for Aaron to negotiate price I took some shots of my loves!!!

On the way back we stopped at my favorite place to eat while traveling...Cracker Barrel. I even got a pic with Kel-bug!
Good food, good pictures, and good furniture...what a successful day!!!


Machelle said...

I love the chair! I Love that your bugs look totally different just like mine do...I think you look great in your picture!

Katy Smith said...

Can I get more details on this great place you guys found? I'm looking for chairs and a kitchen table and I LOVE that chair! Thanks!