Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Kellen,

You are far too sweet and pretty

to throw such temper tantrums.
Even your brother is starting to worry about you.

So could we please, please figure out an alternative to these tantrums?

No??? Okay. I didnt think you would agree.

Could we cut the length of your tantrums by a few minutes??
I miss your sweet smile when it is burried in the carpet.



Shannon said...

This made me laugh! Pax is looking at him like "SHUT UP"!! Kellen is still a cutie and perfect in my book! =)

Cecilia said...

That is too cute! My Lexi has been super whiny this week too. I swear she's getting her 2 year molars!

Mary Kate said...

These are all too familiar around our house these days! I keep telling myself they won't throw fits like this forever...hopefully!!! I am loving all the toddler activites you have been posting about! I am constantly looking for new, fun things for C&H! I'll keep checking back! Can K&P get any cuter?? Seriously! I could eat them up!