Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Pac Man

We cant forget this little guy is 2.5 today too!  I was going to post many pictures of them both, but after seeing this shot of Pax no other could compare.  This picture sums this kid up:
Hilarious and very mischevious
Cute as button and knows it
Loves to cuddle and hold hands with mommy
Lover and hoarder of all trains
Loves to laugh, rarely crys
Crinkles his nose when he gets tickled at something
Favorite animal is a horsey....neigh, neigh
Stubborn like his mommy
Not crazy about swimming, but will do it with little tears
Likes to sit in mommys lap to eat breakfast, he says momma sit, momma sit
Gives spotaneous hugs, doesnt like to give kisses but sure likes to get them ;-)
Thinks anything can be a sword
Wildly independent
Whispers wuv u to me every night
He just makes me smile...and also laugh really hard!


CJ said...

What a great post! My boys turned 2.5 on July 23rd!! They are so close in age although mine are NOT potty trained! Soon though!

Scarlett said...

that is my FAVORITE photo of Paxton:)