Monday, June 6, 2011

Potty Training!

Hi Everyone! My computer crashed last week so I wasnt able to update the ole blog.  Today I am in Day 2 of potty training far so good.  More about the method I am using during naps today.  Yesterday (day 1) Kellen had 3 accidents in the morning and then did great...pooping and peeing in the big boy potty.  He took a nap and then had 2 more accidents, I should of taken him directly to the potty when he woke up.  Last night, he wet the bed once around 3:45 and then asked to go potty around 5a.m. and did pee.  This morning he went pee-pee, had a small accident a few minutes ago but finished in the potty. So fingers crossed we are getting somewhere. 

And for those who may be wondering, Paxton just isnt ready to be potty trained or I would have done them together. 

Wish me luck, these are long days!!!!


Mary Kate said...

Best of luck! Before you know it, both boys will be out of diapers and you won't know what to do with yourself!

Scarlett said...

Take good notes for me!!!! We will be following your footsteps soon...