Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 & Day 3...so far:-)

So yesterday almost got the best of me.  I had really high hopes because day 1 went so well.  Kellen definitely fell in the category of kiddos who put up a fight on day 2 trying to get their diapers back.  He had accidents ALL day.  I think he might have gone in the potty twice.  He was telling me he needed to go but wanted nothing to do with the potty.  With only three hours of sleep the night before I was really at my limit.  Luckily nap time came just in time for me to sit down and re-read Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training (3daypottytraining.com), I was able to regroup, see what I was doing wrong and start fresh after naps.  The accidents kept coming but at least I was able to read what to do and realize I wasnt the only mom with a stubborn kid:-)

I knew last night I couldnt survive on 3 hours of sleep today, so we broke Jensen's rules a bit.  After he had gone to sleep in his undies we snuck in and put a diaper on him.  I figured he wouldnt know, but if something did happen at least I wasnt changing sheets at 4 in the morning.  It worked!!!  He woke up at 7, not realizing he had a diaper on yelling potty.  I rushed in, scooped him up and headed to the potty.  I jerked the diaper off so quick I am not sure he even realized he had one on!! There were a few dribbles in the diaper, but in my book he was all dry! He peed right off the bat and we started our morning.  He also was showing signs, without asking for the potty, that he needed to poop so I took him to the potty and he did all his business! YAY!! So it is 9:07 and we have had no accidents.  I hope it is starting to click!! We shall see!!

And Mary Kate....you are my hero...I dont think I could have done both at once!!!! ;-)

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CJ said...

Oh my! I need to buy this book with the quickeness!! So glad I read your post today!