Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potty Training

Kellen waking up dry asking to go potty from his crib was a prouder moment for me than walking across the stage to receive a diploma for my MBA!!!!  And I am not kidding.  Today has gone amazing! I wanted to venture out for some short errands but the little guy didnt poop as early as he normally does and I didnt want to push it.  We have our ISR swim lesson this afternoon and I think we will call it a day.  Tomorrow we will go to our art class, fingers crossed we have no little guy is pretty particular!!!

He has asked to go potty today, and has gone each time.  This morning he asked to go potty while I had Pax on the changing table.  So I cleaned Pax up, ran to sit him on the toilet, ran back to Pax to put his diaper on and the next thing I heard was "bye-bye pee-pee" and the toilet flushing!!! These sounds really shouldnt be so precious, but they are!!!!!  He had an accident while he was eating lunch, but that is okay by me!!  After all, with each accident, as Lora Jensen points out, there is a learning opportunity for them, reinforcing keeping undies dry and going in the potty.  For the past three days I have exhausted myself saying, Kellen, tell mommy when you need to go potty (as dictated by the 3 day method).  You are suppose to say this hundreds of times a day.  I know if he could say the words "shut-up mom (I am imagining a teenager voice)" he would have, we were both over it!!!!  But I think we have made it with a big, fat MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 

Now I have my eyes set on Paxton.  I will start him week after next...mommy needs a break!!!


Mary Kate said...

I am so glad Kellen has done so well! Isn't this method the greatest?? Now lets hope Paxton catches on as quickly as Kellen does!!!

Scarlett said...

that is so exciting! Yay for Kellen!